Stena Forerunner Cracks welding, Ballast tanks repair

Dock Gate 8 General renovation, new blocks prefabrication and installation on board
London Express Steel works, steel repairs tanks and hull, renewal of sliding ISO socket, hatch cover renewal
Msc Poesia Steel  and pipes works, crossover – sea chest, Enlargement of aft sea chests, modification of the aft crossover  and  distribution pipes, installation of Abcite-coated hull penetrations
Piana Steel works, fabrication scrubber platform
Aida Sol Steel works, enlargement chain locker Ps / Stbd, tanks and manhole repair, replacement of aluminium anodes
Pride Of Burgundy Steel and pipe jobs on board
Pride Of Canterbury Steel reapair damage
Rewelding in thruster tunel
Dunkerque Seaways Mac Gregor escort jobs on hinges

Rhapsody Steel repair on void space, hull damage, anodes exchange
Main boiler pipes replacement
Majestic Steel works on the vessel

Delft Seaways Mac Gregor escort jobs on hinges
Works on cooling water manifold ME4
Dover Seaways Mac Gregor escort jobs on hinges
ME Exhaust expansion to replace
Replacement of the blade at thruster
Pascal Paoli Steel works, hull damage, anodes exchange

Cote Des Dunes Steel works, void space repairs, cracks on deck, heeling tank pipe,
bow thruster overhauling
Opalis Steel works on pillars

Le Roch Mechanical works

Cote Bretagne Mechanical works

Vindalis Mechanical works

Pride of Kent Steel works, decks repair, crack’s, shell plate SB, mechanical works,

Mont Ventoux Steel works reparation ballast tanks

Calais Seaways Steel works, mechanical works

Majestic Steel works, bulb bar, brackets, rudder reparation, anodes exchange

Costa Victoria Steel works, pipe works

Abeille Languedoc Steel works, plate removal and walding repair

Sea Installer Mechanical works assistance to Wartsila, Steel works, Pipe works

Aida Aura Steel works, Pipe works
Samuel de Champlain Steel work, prefabrication LNG tanks, main block, (double bottom + all foundation)
Sea Innovation Steel works, shell plate repairs

Bartololomeu Dias Steel works, repairs at PS aft, bulb area, modify chain locker access, Install doubler plates in overflow
Albemarle Island Steel works, Pipe works

Mimar Sinan Steel works, Void space repair, repair crack outer ring, anods

Raymond Croze Steel works, decks repair, Mechanical assistance

Jean Nicoli Steel works on the vessel