Cable Innovator Installation of water ballast treatment


Rodin Hull damage on starboard
Dismantling and refitting of valves
Dismantling silencers deck 10 and seting up new ones

Chembulk Tortola Sea suction & overboard discharge valves

Berlioz Cutting / welding of brackets and buble bars

Pallieter Changing of y pipe on main deck

AM Tubarao Renewal of inserts
Pride Of Burgundy Rewelding and griding rollers
2 inserts doubling plates deck 10

Marion Dufresne Modification coque couple
Steel work's inside the chain locker
Exchanging the bulkhead plate between chain locker and the forepeak
Insert in fwtank starboard side
Insert shell plate in FO tank N°1

Stena Nordica Dismantling cleaning pressure test reassembly for main engine air coolers
Dismantling cleaning transfer to work shop reassembly of pumps including motors
Modification of forward water tight door
Settig up of trash compartment
Stern extensions

MGS Sagar Renewal of stern deck
Instalation top skirt et gondole
Confection fitting and welding of trunking
Sea valves overhauling
DS Blue Ocean Repairs and straitening of angle bars
Sea valves overhauling

Farouche Main deck and forward peak inserts
Pipeworks in engine room

Charlie Rock Inserts renewal

Marion Dufresne Steel works inside chain locker
Inserts renewal
Manufacturing and installation of new foundation
Hull's steel exchange
Steel renewal in tanks
Manifolds exchange

Breydel Fabrication and installation of new platform
Instalation of osmosis system in bow thruster
Mounting of new handrails
Pipe fitting on incinerator
Fort STE Marie Renewal of monorail

Dubai Energy Hull damage repair
Overhaul sea valves
Instalation top skirt et gondole
Confection fitting and welding of trunking

Sogemat Curatif Pomp exchange
Overhaul sea valves
Minor pipe works in machinery room

Hellas Reefer Steel renewal in chainlockers
Pad eyes and rope guard fixing
Pipe works in machinery room and tunnel
Steel renewal on bulb

Star Service Steel renewal in chainlockers
Ballast piping
Welding seams and tunel thruster

Star Quality Ballast piping modification
Steel exchange

Normandie Express Exhaust exchange
Air cooler repair

Lowland Borreas Miscellaneous steelworks

Red Zed II Structure and bottom repair in WB tanks

Four Turandot Rudder exchange

Congo River Miscellaneous steelworks